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Chocolate Week unwrapped

Chocolate Week, the nations favourite themed week started today with a whole host of events taking place throughout the country. Since Chocolate Week was founded in 2006, the British chocolate market has grown a staggering 21% and is now worth 3.8billion.

The Chocolate Week finale, Chocolate unwrapped takes place in London this coming weekend.

Around 7000 visitors are expected to attend the show where they can taste some of the best chocolate in the world, an infusion of unusual flavours and reacquaint themselves with the classics.

Demonstrations and tasting sessions from top chocolatiers and experts will also be available throughout the week.

Chocolate Week was created to promote fine chocolate and the independent artisan chocolatiers and chocolate companies.


The Little Luxuries

In times of Recession everyone’s looking for the little luxuries in life. We find we must settle for getting a DVD instead of going to the cinema; buying a high end chocolate bar at the shops instead of eating at a restaurant; to get that little shopping thrill it’s going to have to be Strada not Prada.

The recession isn’t all bad news and it’s not just Alessio Rastani (the man who said “I go to bed at night dreaming of another recession) who benefited from the recession. Primark aka ‘Prirmani’ is on the up and up ever since people realised they could get designers styles minus the designer prices. Either way people will always want to have a nicer time and a more luxurious life whether there is a recession or not.

Little luxuries can come in all shapes and sizes for the coffee crazy there’s Starbucks coffee or how about the chocoholics and sweet toothed? Niederegger confectionary is a great option to replace those humdrum galaxy or dairy milk bars, but what about something a little more original, like Luxury Marzipan? Sure it’s not the first thing you think about when you feel that sweet tooth of yours itching, but that’s probably because you, like most people haven’t experienced Marzipan as it was meant to be, not the flaky over-sweetened stuff you find on cheap birthday cakes instead more like how it’s been made at Niederegger since 1806 by a family who know what they’re doing. Niederegger is classed as 100% marzipan because it’s made with much less sugar so it’s healthier too.

So when you’re cutting back on expenses but still want a little spice in your life, choose wisely which little luxuries you include in your shop it could make the difference between spring in your step or a bee in your bonnet.

Chocolate, the new Caviar

Britain is a nation of chocolate lovers – we love to indulge in this scrumptious treat. Britons consume an average of 11kh per person per year, that’s around 3 bars a week – this equates to 660,900 tonnes a year in total!

Since 2007 chocolate consumption has doubled, the biggest increase was seen to be in the consumption of dark chocolate, milk chocolate is the first choice for two thirds of all Brits, only 1% don’t like it!

The demand for chocolate will increase by roughly 5 million metric tonnes by 2012 according to food companies and commodity traders – this year’s supply is already expected to fall short, with demand being too high.

Chocolate is not just important to business in the UK; according to the World Cocoa Foundation some 50 million people around the world depend on cocoa as a source of livelihood. Chocolate’s popularity means it has been a powerful tool for changing trade patters, as on of the first and most successful fairly traded products.

On a negative note, it has been said that in 20 years it could be a possibility that chocolate production will decrease to the point where it will be as valuable as caviar. Farmers in Africa are currently illegally using land on national reserves, as they are so desperate for fertile land to produce this sought after crop. John Mason, executive director and founder of the Ghana-based Nature Conservation Research Council, has forecast that shortages in bulk production in Africa will have a devastating effect: ‘In 20 years chocolate will be like caviar. It will become so rare and so expensive that the average Joe just won’t be able to afford it.’

The aforementioned can already be seen as cocoa prices increased by 10% in 2011, this is the largest increase since the 1970s.

Almonds – The key ingredient of Marzipan

“Historians generally agree that almonds, mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, were among the earliest cultivated foods.”

The Almond tree is a small deciduous tree growing 4-10 meters in height, native to mineral rich West-Asian mountain ranges that provide optimum environment for their growth. In recent years it has become a very popular crop and is cultivated across the world. During the spring the tree bears whitish-pink flowers which ultimately turn into fruit in the autumn.

Almonds have always been revered as a symbol of fullness and wealth. The nuts contain many health-benefiting nutrients that are required to keep healthy!

Research has showed that Almonds can prevent cancer.  Almonds contain a high concentration of phytochemicals on their dark brown skin. Studies show that this powerful natural compound, which plants use to protect themselves against pests, have been seen to fight off cancer cells. In various laboratory experiments, the phytochemicals found in almonds actually aid in keeping brain tumors from multiplying. There are even accounts of the tumors decreasing significantly.

Almonds have been seen to contain a high dose of Vitamin E – 30 grams of almonds will give you 35% of daily requirement! Some studies have pointed that consistent consumption of almonds has significantly decreased chances for breast cancer and prostate cancer. That’s because vitamin E in almonds came in the form of alpha-tocopherol – a known agent that prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. To top all of that off – Almonds are also naturally cholesterol free.

However, almonds have other benefits.  As far ask the skin is concerned, almond can be used in several ways. Almond oil makes the skin smooth and soft, which is why it is often favored for massages. Almond oil can also be used for the hair. 

Almond milk is also available, and is good for the skin, besides being a nourishing and useful substitute for people who are allergic to milk. In addition, almonds themselves can also be used in many home treatments for the skin.



Lay it on the table, the King did say with desperate admiration.

Adorn with fruit and sugar coat to gloat my satisfaction.

What is this quenching taste? Queen Elizabeth announced.

What kind of wicked trickery is going on that dares be unpronounced.

No trickery comes from Persia. The sweetness speaks its case.

Only almonds and sugar are found here. The only craft is in the taste.

Does it have a name, this delicious poison to which I must subscribe?

Massa or Marzipan suits best what only the senses can describe.

The King clapped in confirmation and the Queen chortled in delight

The jester adorned his pointy hat and cart wheeled through the night.

Fast forward four hundred years or so when this scene is long done

1806, Niederegger stands for marzipan of the world renown!