Champagne Day 27th October

by niederegger

“Come quickly, I am tasting stars,” Dom Perignon’s famous quote after his first taste of Champagne.

Tomorrow is Champagne day, a celebration of the beautiful bubbly wine from the Champagne region of France. Vineyards were first planted in this area of Northeast France by the Romans, and were cultivated by the 5th century.  The grapes used in production of Champagne are Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, and the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation process to give the wine those classic delicate bubbles.

Here at Niederegger we can help but love a bottle of Champagne, and tomorrow we will be celebrating Champagne day by popping a cork. We also adore Champagne flavoured marzipan, really what could be better, combining the sumptuous taste of champagne with rich almond marzipan and topping it with sweet milk chocolate.

How about you treat yourself and taste the stars (and hearts).