Marzipan and Milk

by niederegger

Marzipan is a surprisingly diverse treat that isn’t always enjoyed with the right accompaniment. Of course we all like a Niederegger treat to accompany our lunchtime tea break, but have you tried apple & calvados flavoured Marzipan with a whiskey?


In fact Niederegger gives us a plethora of ideas about what goes well with marzipan, as we see from their mini-loaf selection. It includes flavours such as Apple & Calvados, Mirabelle Brandy, Rum & Croquant and Vodka & Fig each covered in dark chocolate, and filled with Niederegger’s coveted Marzipan that contains 58% Almonds.


If you’re still stumped for ideas the 200 year old company also offers actual drinks which, of course, work well with marzipan. For the morning and lunch there is Niederegger’s Marzipan Flavoured Cappuccino, Marzipan Flavoured Tea and also Rooibos Herbal Tea, made from the leaves of African plants related to those used in red bush tea. And for the evening, there’s a Cuandole Marzipan Liqueur, good for a party or as the perfect accompaniment to a good quality chocolate. The chocoholics (which, let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog you probably are!) will be pleased to know there’s even a Marzipan flavoured Drinking chocolate to enjoy before you go to bed.

Marzipan can be had with a rich assortment of drinks and other confectionary, with chocolate, milk and even, if you’re into it, peanut butter! Why not try experimenting with mixing Niederegger’s Marzipan treats with other foods and drinks and tell us what your favourite combinations are?!