The Little Luxuries

by niederegger

In times of Recession everyone’s looking for the little luxuries in life. We find we must settle for getting a DVD instead of going to the cinema; buying a high end chocolate bar at the shops instead of eating at a restaurant; to get that little shopping thrill it’s going to have to be Strada not Prada.

The recession isn’t all bad news and it’s not just Alessio Rastani (the man who said “I go to bed at night dreaming of another recession) who benefited from the recession. Primark aka ‘Prirmani’ is on the up and up ever since people realised they could get designers styles minus the designer prices. Either way people will always want to have a nicer time and a more luxurious life whether there is a recession or not.

Little luxuries can come in all shapes and sizes for the coffee crazy there’s Starbucks coffee or how about the chocoholics and sweet toothed? Niederegger confectionary is a great option to replace those humdrum galaxy or dairy milk bars, but what about something a little more original, like Luxury Marzipan? Sure it’s not the first thing you think about when you feel that sweet tooth of yours itching, but that’s probably because you, like most people haven’t experienced Marzipan as it was meant to be, not the flaky over-sweetened stuff you find on cheap birthday cakes instead more like how it’s been made at Niederegger since 1806 by a family who know what they’re doing. Niederegger is classed as 100% marzipan because it’s made with much less sugar so it’s healthier too.

So when you’re cutting back on expenses but still want a little spice in your life, choose wisely which little luxuries you include in your shop it could make the difference between spring in your step or a bee in your bonnet.